Thanks to its pristine beaches, its amazing surf spots and overall quieter atmosphere, Puerto Escondido has become a haven for beachgoers who seek a different experience, outside of more crowded destinations like Huatulco and Acapulco.

This has sparked a unique ecotouristism inspired realty market, focusing on the preservation of natural spaces and respect of local communities. This in turn gives for a safer and just more stress-free experience por purchasers.

Companies like Palmeras Realty help you arrange the needed paperwork in a clear and comprehensive manner, giving you the certainty that your investment will be secure and protected, all of this for a surprisingly accesible cost.

For just a down payment of 60,000 pesos (about 3,172 dollars) and 36 monthly installments of 5,278 pesos (about 279 dollars) you can purchase your own land just 500 meters from the sea. Your own beach paradise for less than the cost of a small car!

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